Alonzo Carter

I'm a tech enthusiast and I grew up playing with walkie talkies. They were fun when I was a kid and they're even more fun, and even useful, as an adult. My family uses them when we go camping to stay connected on hikes.



The 6 Best Long Range Walkie-Talkies For Powerfully Distant Communication

Despite the increasing use of mobile phones recently, these original two-way radio interaction devices still thrive and are much in demand. Walkie-talkies are popular even in the era of cellular devices because now they...

How To Use Walkie Talkie On Apple Watch

There was a time, long before the invention of mobile phones, that the walkie-talkies ruled the field of wireless audio communication. Though largely obsolete, the contributions they made to smooth and wireless communications can never...

The Best Walkie-Talkie Apps For Your Smartphone

With the increasing dependence and use of mobile phones, traditional walkie-talkies seem to be losing their value and are thought to be useful only for those who stay in remote areas. However, when someone...

The Best Walkie-Talkies: 2022 Buying Guide

Walkie-talkies are equipment that can be both fun and useful. There is so much variety when it comes to walkie-talkies. They have many different technical details- you are bound to get confused when trying...

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