The Revetis RT22 Walkie Talkie Review: Lightweight Power


Bottom Line

If you are looking for a mini walkie-talkie with lots of bang for the buck, then look no further. The Revetis RT22 is an updated version of the old reliable (Retevis RT-888) but added several new features. The unit is a combined receiver and transmitter. You can use it as a two-way radio or an mp3 player, voice recorder, FM radio, etc. The device comes with a nice earphone (with volume control) which you may not need since the speaker’s sound quality is also very good.

Fantastic range! We can reach ten full miles without any problem whatsoever. This unit outperforms many other walkie-talkies that we have used before. It has features that greatly outstrip others, and that makes it one of the best. It has 16 preset channels, five weather channels (USA/Canada), call tone with adjustable volume control, SOS alarm, 3 hours playback time, and about 16 hours of normal use. It comes with a rechargeable battery but can also be used with 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Video Overview


  • Affordable price
  • Long-range
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • It comes with decent battery life (up to 5 days of mixed-use)


  • Sound quality is not exceptional (but still better than many other units)
  • Does not work well in the car (when the rt22 is attached to the car window, it can get quite loud due to road noise; if mounted inside, then one cannot hear the other person at all)
  • No built-in flashlight, no FM radio, and no camera

Who It’s For

The Retevis RT22 is designed for law enforcement, government agencies, and businesses. However, like all walkie-talkies, it can be used for any purpose if the users can find a way to justify its necessity. Since the Retevis RT22 walkie-talkie is made for outdoor use, too, it would be perfect for camping or hiking. It looks like one of those old-fashioned two-way radios your grandpa used to carry in the car when you were a little kid. But with modern technology under the hood.

​What’s In The Box?​

Below is what you find in the box when you order the Retevis RT22.

  • The Revetis RT22 system
  • Two Revetis RT22 walkie talkies
  • A set of earpieces & necklaces for hands-free talking
  • A belt clip to attach the radio to your belt or pocket
  • USB charging cable (can also be charged with included wall charger)
  • Antenna covers (two different ones included in case you lose one)

Design & Features

corporate guy using walkie talkie

The model WE have is black, but it also comes in gray. It’s a 16 channel FRS/GMRS type radio with a 462MHz to 464MHz range (some parts of the USA only use 462 MHz to 467 MHz for FRS). It offers 22 hours of continuous use from the included rechargeable battery pack, which is good for days out, if not weeks!

The battery pack can be charged inside or outside the unit via a mini USB connector covered by a waterproof flap. The unit weighs 88g (3.1 ounces) and measures 9cm (w) x 6cm (h) x 2.4cm (d). It also has a belt clip on the back of it, which is removable if you don’t need it.

LCD screen

The rt22 comes with an LCD screen that shows the channel number, status indicators, and signal strength meter – also on the front is two programmable buttons for beginner HAMs to play with! On the top, there’s a power button, volume rocker switch, charging/data port behind another water-tight cover, and the antenna behind a rubber cap. The front houses nothing interesting except for the ‘chuff’ speaker, which is very loud!

Earphone/microphone connector

On the side, there are two sockets; one is an earphone/microphone connector, useful if you want to use this as a hands-free set with your phone – pair it up with your phone, and it appears as an audio device. The other socket reveals another flap covering a mini-USB slot used to charge/data sync or program the unit.

Included accessories

The rt22 comes with some accessories, but only the antenna is of decent quality. The earphone and microphone supplied are pretty bad, and you’re better off just getting a couple of good sets – it needs them to be 3.5mm jack type, not 2.5mm [which is very common], so the stock ones will not fit well in most cellphones! Carefully pry out the rubber antenna cap on the back and insert your antenna (it’s a standard whip Omni-directional one).

Bright display

The display is bright, but it’s not easy to see under direct sunlight – still readable, though. Other than that, sometimes the buttons do double-presses even if they’re pressed one at a time, making things confusing – I’m hoping that’s just an issue with our unit since other reviewers didn’t mention anything about touchy buttons.

Easy to program

Programming the Revetis RT22 is quite easy, especially if you have already programmed other radios in the past. Press and hold the “channel” button on top while powering on the unit; it will beep once when it’s on – press stop, then enter your two-digit channel number (don’t forget that there are 16 channels total).

Next, press and hold the “channel” button again, and it will go into programming mode, which means you can now start by selecting a group letter and then choose the specific channel number within that group. After that, just power cycle/turn off & on both units, and they should sync up together! Again, this needs to be done for all 16 channels, but luckily, if you’re a beginner HAM, the letter will be ‘A’ for all 16 channels.


The performance of a walkie-talkie depends on many factors such as range, durability, and clarity. This product has an outstanding performance with regards to all three functions indicated above.

Range: The range of the Revetis RT22 (2-way radios) is usually measured in terms of “line of sight,” which means that if you can see your partner/friend using another walkie talkie at his location, then you will have approximately no problem communicating with them via another Revetis RT22 (2-way radio).

Durability: Revetis RT22 walkie-talkies are extremely durable for long time use. They are dustproof and waterproof up to 10 feet underwater, meaning you can submerge them in water, and they will still function without any problem. This device is an excellent choice if you want a sturdy, high durability product.

Clarity: The clarity of signals, on the other hand, is often affected by external factors like noise/interference, which may come from various sources such as weather conditions or other radio stations that are broadcasting at the same frequency that your radio operates on. However, its latest technology makes this radio’s signal very clear despite interference from other people using different brands of radios.

The Revetis RT22 walkie-talkie is an excellent two-way radio with a good range, durability, and signal quality. It’s also waterproof so that you can submerge it underwater without any problems.


  • Input Voltage: 3.6V DC
  • Battery Life: 18 hours of continuous use, two days standby
  • 128 Channels with 10 Ch. per group
  • 5 Watts
  • 2 Way Radio Reception Range (May Vary)
  • FWB – 19 miles
  • RT Systems – 8 to 12 Miles (with removable antenna)
  • Cobra/Midland – 4 miles

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