How To Fix A Walkie Talkie: 9 Troubleshooting Tips


Walkie talkies are still used today in many industries. They allow for easy communication and will allow people to talk to each other even if they are some distance away.

Walkie talkies do experience issues from time to time that can prevent them from working properly.

Here are some common errors in video format (scroll down for more errors and troubleshooting tips):

These are some common issues with walkie talkies and some tips on how to fix them.

Walkie Talkie Errors


If the walkie talkie is beeping and it will not stop there can be some things that are happening. The beeping may happen when the battery is about to die. A person will need to charge the device or they will need to replace the battery pack.

If the batteries have been changed or charged and the unit is still beeping, the battery pack may be failing and a new battery pack is needed.

The other cause of the beeping is that the walkie talkie has been put on transmit mode. To fix this try to disconnect the microphone and then connect it again. The unit may need to be turned on and off several times.

The walkie talkie may have been put on a channel that it is not been programmed for. If this happens a person will need to change it to an active channel.

Cannot Hear Transmission

If a person cannot hear the people that are trying to talk to them there may be an issue with the antenna. It may be broken, damaged, or bent. To fix this is to check the antenna and see if there is an issue.

If the antenna has been damaged it may need to be replaced. This is usually an easy and inexpensive fix.

Issues with the Speaker

Walkie Talkie Speaker

If there are issues with the speaker or there is an issue with the quality the grill may need to be cleaned. A speaker grill is there to protect the microphone from dust and debris. This debris will build up in the grill which can lead to performance and quality issues.

To clean the grill wipe it down gently. To help further protect the walkie talkie a carrying case can be used. This will keep the speaker free from dirt.

Poor Reception

To get the best receptions from the walkie talkie it is important to have the unit and the antenna vertical at all times. If there is a problem a person should set down the walkie talkie. This will improve receptions by as much as 50 percent.

These units are designed to be upright. If they are on the ground or if they are being used in a car this can be an issue with the quality of the unit.

Push Issues

Walkie Talkie buttons

If a person has hit the push to talk button and they cannot speak into the unit or if the other party cannot hear them there may be a simple fix. A person needs to make sure the unit still has a charge and that it is in the correct setting.

The battery pack should also be checked. This will help determine if there is an issue with the battery or an issue with the unit. In most units, the battery can be recharged and used for 10 to 15 months. This will depend on how often the walkie talkies are used.

If the walkie talkie is not turning on there may be an issue with the power connection. If the power is working but there is still an issue the unit may need to be sent away for professional repair.


Walkie Talkie

If there is too much static in the connection there may be an issue with the mike. If there is static when a person is trying to send a message the microphone needs to be checked. Also, check the antenna to make sure it is not lost and is securely attached.

If the battery connections are dirty this can be another issue. The battery connection can be carefully cleaned out using the eraser of a pencil.


Walkie Talkie

If there is a lag or a delay it can be due to a user error. If the push to talk button is not held down long enough this can be the problem.

The button needs to be held down as long as a person is speaking. When a person is done speaking they need to release the button. Some people continue to hold it and this can be leading to error.

Cutting out

Walkie Talkie

If the user on the other end is having trouble and the speech keeps on cutting out this can be due to another common user error. A person may be speaking too close to the microphone or they may be speaking too far away from the microphone.

The unit should be around four inches away so that a person can be heard. Also, a person should not speak too loud or too soft into the microphone.


Walkie Talkie

If there are issues when using the analog this will lead to problems with the unit cutting out. Most analog walkie-talkies do not have a large range, to begin with. A digital unit has around 45 percent more coverage than the analog model.


There may be an issue with the range of a walkie talkie. This is another problem that users complain about. If the walkie talkie has decreased performance and people are not cutting out this is a sign that they are out of range.

While the manufacturer puts the largest range on the product this is often not recommended for the best use. A person should research the different units and types so they can find one with the range that works best for them.


Walkie Talkie

If the unit is cutting out there is a walkie talkie talk code that some users have begun to use. They will use short terms and phrases to make sure the other person can hear them instead of longer sentences.

These are some common issues with walkie talkies and some tips on how to fix them. Some of these issues are due to user error and some can be easily fixed.

In Summary

Walkie-talkies are devices that allow people to communicate with each other without having to be in the same location- learn some walkie talkie codes to make your communication more efficent.

The best walkie talkies are helpful for people who need to stay in touch with each other but can’t see each other. For example, parents can use them to keep tabs on their kids while they’re playing outside. They’re also useful for businesses that have employees who work at different locations, or people who are hiking or camping and want to stay in touch with friends or family members.

They are small, portable, and inexpensive. In addition, they don’t require a license to operate them. They also have a long battery life which makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Walkie talkies are a great tool for communicating in any situation. They can be used in the outdoors, in the workplace, and even at home.

They can be very helpful in situations where you need to communicate with someone who is far away from you. For example, when you’re hiking and want to know if someone is coming up behind you or when there is an emergency and you need to communicate with your coworkers quickly.

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