Can You Use A Ham Radio As A Walkie-Talkie? Yes, but…


  • Technically speaking, yes, ham radios are capable of communicating with walkie-talkies.
  • The downside, this is however illegal in the U.S. This is due to the differences in licenses and power levels between walkie-talkies and ham radios.
  • While it is possible, you’ll have to adhere to FCC rules regarding how you identify yourself; and you must use the correct frequencies, and several other requirements, which you will learn about when you get a license.
  • One Reddit expert further clarified, saying that while it technically possible to program most ham radios to function on the FRS (a common walkie talkie frequency), but it isn’t legal to broadcast on those frequencies
  • However, in an emergency, they may be useful, and it’s always legal to listen, but it is actually illegal to broadcast. (Source)

Hams (Amateur radio service) can use radios designed for short-range, low power communication. These may be used as walkie-talkies to transmit on the correct frequencies.

Ham radio is not designed for long-range communication and operates with power levels that are very low to prevent interference with other radios. An external antenna would be needed to transmit a strong enough signal for a long distance.

Ham radios are made for private communications between two parties; they cannot monitor channels that other people are using. However, a ham radio could be used as a walkie-talkie if only one party speaks at a time.

The signal would be fragile and not travel a considerable distance.

What are the Differences Between Walkie Talkies and Ham Radios?

Radios for short-distance communication are designed to use frequencies that are more efficiently utilized for this purpose. These radios, often called walkie-talkies, can communicate over short distances using low power.

Ham radios operate on frequencies that do not require licensing. Their signals can travel further, but they need more energy and use the frequencies less efficiently. Both radios can communicate, but long-distance communication would be difficult if not impossible.

Because of the low power, a ham radio might make a good walkie-talkie, but it would be poor for monitoring a channel.

Are Ham Radios able to contact Walkie Talkies?

Ham radio is a two-way radio with many features that individuals can use to communicate privately or in a group. Ham radios are different from walkie-talkies in that ham radios do not use licensed frequencies, so there is no license required to operate one.

A walkie-talkie is a portable hand-held device that only can communicate over minimal distances. They are designed for short-range communication, and they can use many different frequencies.

Ham radio is not designed for long-distance transmission, and this would also depend on the make of the walkie-talkie itself. Ham radios can be used for long-distance communication, but the quality of the communication is generally inferior.

In many cases, a ham radio might have better range than a walkie-talkie, but it would probably have to be used with an external antenna.

Why is it illegal to connect a walkie talkie to a ham radio?

Ham Radio

Ham radio is a two-way radio that requires an individual to have a license. The frequencies used by ham radios are different from those used by walkie-talkies.

There are specific frequencies that ham radios can use and other frequencies that only work for walkie-talkies. A person must be licensed before they can use a ham radio. Connecting a walkie-talkie to ham radio is usually impossible because the frequencies are so different.

There are only specific frequencies for ham radios, so, likely, a walkie-talkie will not communicate on the same frequency. The only time that connecting a walkie-talkie to a ham radio would be possible is if the frequencies are close enough for both devices to use. This is very unlikely and usually does not happen.

Where do you get a ham radios license?

Ham Radio

To use a ham radio, an individual must have a license. This official document allows the person to transmit on an amateur radiofrequency legally. There are different levels of ham licenses, so this would have to be determined before purchasing a radio.

A person needs to study for the test before taking it, and they must pass to receive the license. Many different books teach everything about ham radios, so individuals can learn and pass the test before purchasing a ham radio.

In which cases are you allowed to connect to a walkie talkie to a ham radio?

Ham Radio


There are only specific frequencies that allow walkie-talkies and ham radios to communicate. If the ham radio uses a more efficient frequency, it will not be able to communicate with a walkie-talkie.

If the frequencies are similar, a person might connect a walkie-talkie to ham radio. This might be possible if the frequencies are close, but it is still unlikely because walkie-talkies and ham radios are designed for different purposes.

Ham radio is not meant to be used as a walkie-talkie, so this should never be attempted. Walkie-talkies are intended to be portable, so they can only communicate over short distances.

Ham radios are of much better quality because they are meant to be used as two-way radios. They often come with many added features and different types of communication, such as Morse code or digital communication.

Where can you buy a ham radio?

Ham Radio

A person can buy a ham radio from various sources, including online. Many retail stores that sell electronics will have a selection of ham radios. Individuals can also purchase radios from hobby stores specializing in a radio of sale equipment.

A person can also find ham radios online on websites like Amazon or eBay. Several different brands and styles are available, so it is essential to research before purchasing. A person can contact the manufacturer for warranty information or read online reviews before buying.

What is the Price of a Ham Radio?

Ham Radio


Ham radio can be purchased for anywhere from $30 to several hundred dollars, depending on the features. Many different styles available may not be similar in the price range.

Before purchasing one, a person should determine what they intend to use the ham for and how powerful it should be. Many different features come with ham radios. These features include a power supply, a speaker or headphones, and multiple channels.

A person should research before buying a radio to determine which features are necessary for their intended purpose.

In conclusion, can you use a ham radio as a walkie-talkie?

There are only specific frequencies that ham radios use, and walkie-talkies use different frequencies. Some of the frequencies that ham radios use might be close to the frequencies used by walkie-talkies to work together.

This is very unlikely and should never be attempted. Connecting a walkie-talkie to ham radio is illegal because you need a license to use one. Ham radio is much different from a walkie-talkie and should not be confused as one.

Ham radios are much more complex and have other purposes than walkie-talkies. Walkie-talkies communicate on a short-range, whereas ham radios are two-way communication devices.

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