How To Use Morse Code With a Walkie Talkie [Possible?]


  • Unfortunately, there really isn’t a way to use morse code with a walkie talkie
  • As one expert explains, while you could just press the push to talk button in morse code, this won’t work well because most walkie-talkies have certain transmission on/off times that will disturb the signal so much, that your communication recipient won’t be able  to interpret it
  • More traditionally, walkie talkies have a variety of lingo you use to communicate, but morse code will not be one of them
  • Or try some of these smartphone morse code apps since the actual walkie talkie hardware just isn’t configured for it

Challenging times are inevitable and during such instances, it can be hard to communicate or even survive. In such rare times, it’s when we search for primitive instincts and resources. One of the most prominent methods used by many people is a walkie talkie. The codes are used in these gadgets for efficient and faster communication.

Morse codes enable people to send while at the same time receiving messages over telegraph lines. You just need several licks or light signals to look for help. Keep reading the article to know how to use morse codes with a walkie talkie.

Using Morse Code

Using the telegraph is the perfect way to send morse code. Keep your microphone close to your mouth so that the receiver can easily hear you. It is also advisable to hold the playback to the microphone.

This will help you utter the code to relay important messages within short time. However, verbal communication may not be available at times. In that case, you can go ahead and use the dots found on the button. The dots are helpful in transmitting carrier waves for SOS communication.

Morse codes work by reading the absence of a carrier wave signal. It is worth noting that the code receivers are not made to respond to the side bands. This means that they don’t affect modulated sound. When compared to its side bands, the carrier wave is much stronger.

Some people prefer using commercially available equipment when transmitting and receiving signals. morse code is sent as modulated sound waves which is later turned back into sound.

You must adhere to the strict radio disciplines and other important procedures when using a walkie talkie. Observing the procedures means that you will be maintaining the security of the information transmitted.

Remember that someone might be listening to your transmission through frequencies. This happens much more often regardless of the device you are using. That’s why it is always advisable to disguise the locations and operations via morse codes.

How Receiver Units Works

You might be wondering how a unit work. It is hard to receive the signal more so when you are a beginner in using a walkie talkie gadget. The first thing you must know is the importance of having the equipment. If you are a beginner user, keep in mind that you might hear clicks and several plops though it depends on the power signal.

The radio should be equipped with a BFO to create tone. Alternatively, you can consider using a frequency oscillator. Frequency oscillator helps in producing a specific tone.

How to Send Codes Using a Walkie Talkie

You can send messages quickly using a couple of abbreviations and other local communications operators. It is possible to send several words within 20 minutes which is regarded as the perfect time to use morse codes effectively. The well-known language utilizes dots and dashes to represent numbers and procedural notations.

You only need to turn on the signal when sending these representations. This should be done in the right way to have the signals transmitted effectively. Traditionally, messages were sent using a single wire. The wire would produce radio communication which could be done by turning the transmitted signal on and off.

Learn morse Code

It is crucial to practice communicating with the language after understanding the morse code. This will help you retain the information and be comfortable when using the code. The first important thing you must do is connecting with other uses. The other user is considered the base when learning the language. Give a nickname to every person you will be communicating with.

When you say base, the other user will respond and tell you to go ahead. You can also say clear after starting the conversation. To end the communication process smoothly, the recipient must react by saying clear.

How to Send Codes Using a Walkie TalkieHow to Send Codes Using a Walkie Talkie

Using a Book

There are several books in your local library that deal with Morse. The morse codes Book will help you understand and use codes. Books are considered the best and the easiest means of avoiding any distractions. Learning morse codes is not an easy task so you must pay attention.


Apps are another learning tool. Download an application from your smartphone and start learning these codes. However, remember that learning how to use the codes need patience and a lot of dedication. It might take time to fully understand all the concepts but you will ultimately learn if you are persistent and determined.

Online Resources

Advanced technology has enabled many people to learn from online courses. You can find helpful online resources that can capture your interest and make the training more productive. This is quite advantageous more so to those people who prefer reading from the comfort of their homes.

Mores code alphabet

Nowadays, morse code is used within radio communication when identifying beacons for aviation purposes. Once you understand how to use morse code, you will have a powerful means of communicating with different people. Firstly, it’s advisable to get accustomed with codes and other essential abbreviations.

It is good to note that using the morse codes help radio operators who might not be able to speak English. Such people will manage to communicate with a wide number of people at the same time. Besides, morse codes enable users to communicate with ham radio stations even with minimal English knowledge.

Although it might not be the latest technology, morse code come with numerous advantages in the modern world. The most significant benefit of using morse codes is that they can be used in low signals which is a common occurrence during emergencies. While it is an informal language, it allows users to transmit information using simple clicks and tones.

Final Thoughts

Using morse code with a walkie talkie is an easy process if you understand morse codes. Equip yourself with the coding knowledge and start using morse codes with walkie talkie today.

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