My Favorite Walkie-Talkie Apps For Your Smartphone

With the increasing dependence and use of mobile phones, traditional walkie-talkies seem to be losing their value and are thought to be useful only for those who stay in remote areas. However, when someone requires the ‘push to talk’ facility or when there is a need to join a group conversation in a specific location or with people of similar interests, a walkie-talkie app is the solution. 

Now, users can enjoy the excitement of walkie-talkie chat on their cell phones, as opposed to actual, physical walkie-talkies helping them to speak to their friends instantly and clearly. Sending messages and leaving voicemails through walkie-talkie apps is convenient and easy.

There is no use of walkie-talkie frequencies, so there isn’t any interference. Walkie-talkie apps are now considered the smart way of staying connected with everyone. These apps are available for Android and IOS devices.

Push to Talk Capabilities

With the instant push to talk capabilities with any walkie-talkie app, it is now easy to connect with others. Any user with a walkie-talkie, can quickly communicate through distances with just a simple push of a button. Walkie-talkie apps are now completely different from traditional walkie-talkies.

The Most Popular Walkie Talkie Apps

Two Way

Two Way Walkie Talkie appWith the Two Way app, an unlimited number of users can join any channel, which ensures easy communication and improved connectivity among users. There is no requirement to sign-up or to fill up personal information which users are often not comfortable with.

Thus, there is no need to create any personal profile for using the app. Users can begin chatting instantly. To use Two Way, users need to select a channel number that they need to share with their friends so that they can join the conversation.

It is quite similar to a two-way radio, where everyone needs to stay tuned to this same station for chatting. The two Way walkie-talkie app does not consume a lot of battery and runs in the background. However, all channels are public. Thus, anyone can easily join a channel if the number is available.

Marco Polo

marco_polo logoMarco Polo is one of those apps which had gained popularity within a short time. This is a completely free app and doesn’t require in-purchases. Thus, Marco Polo is just perfect for kids and small children.

Through face-to-face messaging in a walkie talkie style, users are now able to create excellent group conversations or communicate with internal contacts or those in friends lists. In this app, there are many fun features like emoji reactions and video & voice filters.

In this app, messages are not deleted.


Zello is used by thousands of people across the world and is the highest-rated push-to-talk app.

This app connects more than 150 million users across the world. This walkie-talkie app helps users communicate privately with those they know. Users can also join channels that interest them. Zello app comes with several interesting and useful features which include high-quality audio and works with mobile data. The app is compatible with Android wearables and Apple Watch.

There is also scope for LIVE open group communication. Zello is one of those apps which is just perfect for frontline workers, communities, and teams. Crystal-clear voice messaging is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this instant messaging app.

Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie

Apple Watch’s Walkie-talkie is available just for Apple Watch users. Check out our guide for using Walkie Talkie on the Apple Watch.

This is a fun way to stay connected with other Apple users. There are two requirements that one needs to fulfill when using the app. When you are connecting with your friend both need to have watchOS 5. Besides, both have to set up FaceTime app on the phone. Thus, users should be able to make and also receive FaceTime high-quality audio messages.

The interface is quite clean and simple, allowing quick and convenient communication. When using the app, users can use their watch for sending voice notes to contacts, who can hear the message instantly on the watch. However, this app is for individual contacts only. It cannot be used for group conversations or public. When any user turns, the app off, the app becomes ‘unavailable’.


Users of Voxer can use this app just like a walkie-talkie. One can communicate with live audio. Messages can be saved so that users can easily listen and if they wish they can respond a bit later. Voxer is one of the most secure apps available with its end-to-end encryption feature.

Besides, users can share different multimedia elements with a group. Messages are also saved for future reference.

Basic access is available free for all users. Users should ideally upgrade if they wish to use all of the features of the app. However, there are a few features like message recall or the ability to remove people which are available in the ‘pro’ version only.


With FireChat, users can connect with another user nearby without WiFi or cellular service.

Thus, it is just perfect for use in areas or locations where network connectivity or coverage is a problem. This Walkie Talkie app uses peer-to-peer WiFi and Bluetooth for transmitting messages. Pictures can also be easily transferred between different devices.

This is a secure app and also private messages are encrypted. Public messages can be used for communication with people around you in events. There is also an option for private group messages.

Modulo PTT Walkie Talkie

Modulo PPT Walkie-Talkie app can completely transform your smartphone into a smart walkie-talkie. You do not have to unlock your phone or even open an app. Modulo allows you to listen to several channels at the same time. It also supports top PTT mic/speakers.

The app works on any kind of internet connection whether it is a Wi-Fi network, 3G, or 4G Network. The app is completely secure for communications. The pro version of the app comes with several useful additional features that are needed for professional use.


HeyTell is a popular cross-platform instant messaging app and also a walkie-talkie.

Through this app, users can link directly with their family and friends who use Windows Phone, IOS, and also Android devices. HeyTell voice messages are popular because they are quick, require very little data, can work on any internet connection, and is completely free. To use HeyTell users can download the app for free. Users love the app because it is convenient to use. There is no need to create an account.

One needs to just open this app, create a nickname and simply enter the mobile number. The next step is to choose any contact from the contact list and then just record a voice message. Once the recording is complete, the app will immediately send the message.

To invite your friends, you just need to send an invitation mail or even SMS your friends. They can download the app from the link and all your invited friends will appear in your contact list.

Walkie Talkie App in Microsoft Teams

Walkie Talkie App in Microsoft Teams offers quick push-to-talk communication for a team. This app is now available for Android users as well for convenience. Through this app, users can connect with their team members instantly for any purpose. They can use the same channels of which they are members for the purpose.

Corporates and businesses are now using this app for their meetings. Users who are connected to Walkie-Talkie in a specific channel can easily become participants. They can communicate with one another using the special push-to-talk ability. With the help of this app, frontline workers do not have to carry heavy radios because this app works in any location with a cellular internet connection.

Why Use a Walkie Talkie App?

These days, it is easy to stay updated with your relatives and colleagues through chat messages, video calls, audio calls, and instant messaging services. Social networks allow us to stay connected and know what others are doing or what is happening in their lives.

At times one needs to stay connected with others for professional purposes. At such times instant hassle-free communication becomes quite essential. Walkie Talkie apps are now becoming the most popular way of communication – being fast and personal. These are safe, convenient, and affordable.

There are many reasons to use a Walkie-Talkie for personal or professional purposes. PTT message is always a safer option than texting. There is no requirement for phone calls which can at times be awkward. This messaging app helps to save a lot of time and chat. Besides, the app is secure and encrypted, allowing complete privacy.

Are There Free Options?

Yes, most of these Apps are free to download, and users can use the app without paying anything. However, a PRO version is also available that comes with many more features and additional facilities. Those who require advanced features can choose the PRO version of the app. They can pay a small fee for using the exclusive services.


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