• To turn off a regular walkie talkie, many models use the volume control- you can turn the knob clockwise to increase volume, and all the way to the left until you hear a click, to turn it off (Source)
  • If you’re looking to turn off Apple’s Walkie Talkie, you can turn it off or on by tapping the Walkie-Talkie button in Control Centre (Source)
  • Learn more about how to use Walkie Talkie on Apple Watch 

A walkie-talkie, or two-way radio, is a handheld device that allows for communication over a long distance.

Walkie Talkies are typically used to communicate with other people in your group who have walkie-talkies. You can also use them to contact someone standing on the other side of a field or mountaintop because they have reception where you don’t.

If you’ve ever tried to find a way to turn off a walkie-talkie, you’ll know how difficult it can be.

Here are some more walkie-talkie tips that can help you find the right place to tune in or tune out.

How to Turn Off a Walkie Talkie – Steps

1. First, find the storage compartment that holds your walkie-talkie.

It can be found on the belt clip or within the charging station. In either case, open the compartment and locate the walkie-talkie you wish to turn off.

2. Slide the cover off of your walkie-talkie by prying it with a small screwdriver or similar tool. The screwdriver will have to have a small tip, so check before attempting this yourself!

3. If you use a walkie-talkie with a belt clip, remove the clip from your waistband.

4. Once the walkie-talkie is in your hand, press the “Call” button on your unit to open any windows you have programmed so that your walkie-talkies are activated.

5. Open the walkie talkie window and find where you want to view the channel you wish to tune in to or tune out from.

6. Now, press the “Tune” button and select the channel you want to tune in to or tune out from.

7. After you’ve tuned in to the desired channel, you can turn your walkie-talkie off by pressing the “Talk” or “Power” button on your walkie-talkie. Alternatively, power is removed from the walkie-talkies by removing the battery pack or replacing it with a new one.

8. Replace the cover on your walkie-talkie if you didn’t leave it off. Return to the compartment and screw close.

9. If you have a walkie-talkie with a belt clip, you can replace it on your waistband.

10. If you want to turn off a walkie-talkie, remove the battery pack or tape over the power button and return your walkie-talkie to their storage places.

How Long Will A Walkie Talkie Last?

Many people ask how long a walkie-talkie will last. First of all, it depends on several factors, including age and usage. If you buy a new walkie-talkie and use it every day, it will probably last you four years at least.

If you use it once a month, you can expect it to last for only a year. With that said, if you use your walkie-talkie at least once every month or so, it will usually last longer than a year.


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Turning off a walkie-talkie can be a difficult task when it involves more than turning off a unit. However, as long as you remember that pushing the “Talk” or “Power” button on your walkie-talkie will turn them off, there shouldn’t be any problems with turning off your walkie-talkie.