How to change channels on walkie talkies [Steps]


  • If you want to change channels on your walkie talkie, the most common way is to use the “Menu” button, then press the “+” or “-” button to change the channel
  • Then press the “PTT” button to save the channel setting- these are instructions for the Motorola Talkabout, and you might have to consult your instruction manual for model specifics
  • Here’s how to find the best channels on your walkie talkie

Since there are so many different brands- you need to do your research, but here’s a guide for changing the channel on the Midland GTX1000:

and here’s a guide for changing channels on a Motorola walkie talkie:

Many people find that a walkie-talkie is a good way of communicating in significant buildings, construction sites, or public events. Here we will show you how to switch stations on your walkie-talkies.

How to Change Channels On Walkie Talkie: STEP BY STEP GUIDE

1. The first thing to do is to hold down the channel button for one of the radios until it flashes; this means that your radio has now taken over the frequency of that channel. If you still hold down the channel button, it will remain on that frequency.

2. Next, you need to switch on the walkie-talkies. Press the talk button on your radio and then press any button on your second radio (it doesn’t matter which). If you do this successfully, there should be no problem hearing both radios in your ear after pressing talk. If you hear one of the radios but not the other, repeat the steps above until they both work.

3. To clear a channel, you need to press any button on one of the radios before holding down the channel button. The same steps apply when setting up another channel on a different radio.

4. Before you change channels, make sure that no one is using the channel. If you are using a hidden frequency, then only do so in an emergency or with permission from whoever owns that frequency.

5. If you can hear one of the radios but not the other, they are both using the same channel. In this case, you will need to take special care when setting up another channel as there is an excellent risk that both radios will pick up precisely the same frequency. If you do find that your radios are too close to each other for safety or if you want to expand your ability to use more channels, look for a higher channel number.

6. If you are using different radios or want to change one of your walkie-talkies’ channels, you need to put the two radios into a separate frequency. Put one of them (say the second) on channel one and hold down all the buttons before pressing any button on the first radio.

7. If you are using a hidden channel, you should be able to hear both radios; if not, repeat this step until they can both be heard in a clear voice.

8. If there is a problem with getting an accurate frequency in the first place, it could be because your radios are not set up correctly or not functioning at their full potential. Try using more than one channel on each radio and test whether this helps you out of the problem.

How Many Channels Are Available?

Each walkie-talkie typically has eight channels from 0 to 7 frequencies. With other brands, these can be found from 16 to 32 channels. However, no receiver will allow you to use more than eight channels at a time (up to 32 for the Collins brand).In many countries, this is the absolute limit.

In America, however, channels 5 and 6 are used for emergency services, and you can use these channels for communication. Here’s how to extend the range of your walkie talkie to get the best possible reception!


Go slow and remember never to use the same channel more than twice in 24 hours (use the radio in a different room or several meters away). If you feel it is necessary to change the frequency of one of your walkie-talkies, then do so with care.

If your radios are close together, make sure to leave a gap between them, reducing the chance of mutual interference. Also, check that no one else is using the same frequency.


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