The Marvel Spider-Man Walkie Talkie: Everything You Need To Know


Do you want to feel like Spiderman? Now you can with these amazing Spiderman walkie talkies!

These walkie talkies are perfect for any Spiderman fan- click here for a comprehensive walkie talkie buying guide.

They come in a cool blue and red colors and have the Spiderman logo on them.

Read on and learn about what choices of Spider-Man Walkie Talkie choices are on the market, and which one may be best for you and yours. (Check out our top walkie talkie picks for kids.)

Why Spider-Man? Why a Walkie Talkie?

Bestseller No. 1
Marvel Spider-Man Talking Action Figure Multi
  • Spider-Man has plenty of fighting words to battle his enemies as this talking action figure.

Spider-Man is a superhero character that has been beloved for generations. To make him even more interesting for many parents, he is one of the few classic superheroes who hasn’t been made “darker” to appeal to older audiences.

So if you have a little boy or girl, you can be quite secure about their interest and affection for all-things Spidey. Especially his Walkie Talkie.

The fun kids get from this kind of functional toy is not just being able to play-act as their favorite characters from the movies, television shows, cartoons, and comics.

It also gives them freedom and independence. It is a toy that has always mesmerized and intrigued children. As long as kid versions existed, which is a long time now.

Remember to learn some walkie talkie codes and lingo to communicate like a pro!

A Deep Look at What’s Available Today

Ekids Spiderman FRS Walkie Talkies

Bestseller No. 1
Marvel Spider-Man Talking Action Figure Multi
  • Spider-Man has plenty of fighting words to battle his enemies as this talking action figure.

This is a good, rugged choice for kids who love to have adventures. They can even be dropped a bit without fear due to a pretty solid construction.

Both its reception and transmission are clear.

For younger kids, this Spidey model may fit perfectly. Not just in their little hands (which it does), but also the fact that there is only one FRS channel. So they won’t get confused and end up on a different channel than whoever they are playing with.

They can also send familiar sounds and punch lines from the movies and light up to match the sound effects.

The character mold around this model may be the coolest one available today.

Marvel SM-202 Two-Way Radios

This pair has a full 250-meter range that opens the door to play, which can be more exciting for older kids., who don’t need a close eye kept on them. These are very easy to use and have a look any Spider-Man fan will adore.

Keep in mind these are probably the least sturdy on our list. So if they should be dropped, they could end up broken more easily. So with the extra distance and clear sound, the trade off is the need to be a bit more cautious and respectful of this fun Marvel toy.

Marvel 33444 Walkie Talkie

This option has some added fun. Printed right on the handle are different Morse Code patterns for walkie talkies, allowing kids to learn this classic communication style. They can also easily record messages and send them to their partner.

The range is also exceptional at over 300 meters.

QINGLO Rechargeable Spiderman Walkie Talkies

 These have proven to be the favorite with kids from the Marvel series.

Parents have reason to love them too. Maybe the biggest is the lack of a need to buy batteries again and again, which can get expensive. These can simply be recharged. A full charge lasts 18 hours plus.

Its web-slinging graphics are well done, and it has a built-in radio with a range of 10 miles! 22 channels with special privacy functions and crystal clear audio make these almost seem like a toy for adults.

A drawback is that with so many channels programming, they can get younger, and kids can get confused.

What’s Planned in the Future?

We are certain Marvel has some surprises up their sleeve when it comes to new models of walkie talkies for all their characters, especially Spider-Man. But for now, no details have been announced.

Is the Marvel Spider-Man Walkie Talking a Good Choice?

We think this is an amazing gift idea for both boys and girls who are into the all-American character. The fact that there are many models to choose from makes it even better, so better, so parents can ensure they get a device they are comfortable with.

Always remember that you may have to spend an hour or two having fun with the child as they learn how the walkie talkie works. But that isn’t so bad, is it?

You may have a little Spider-Man fan running around the house. If so, what could be cooler than a pair of Marvel Spider-Man Walkie Talkies?

Not much if they like fun, adventure, and to use their imagination. If you want to learn more, you have landed in the right place.