What Walkie Talkies Are The Kids In Stranger Things Using?


Quick Rundown:

  • The kids in Stranger Things use the Realistic TRC-214 walkie talkie.
  • These devices were quite popular in the 80s, and are a symbol of the period the show is set in.
  • Walkie talkies in the show are crucial for communication and adventure.
  • While the Realistic TRC-214 is not readily available today, there are many modern alternatives with advanced features.
  • The usage of walkie talkies in Stranger Things has reignited interest in these devices among young people.

Stranger Things and the Iconic Realistic TRC-214

If you’ve found yourself getting lost in the nostalgic, paranormal world of Stranger Things, you’ve probably noticed the iconic walkie talkies used by the gang.

Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven are often seen clutching their Realistic TRC-214s, these devices becoming almost as essential as their bikes in their adventures.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Realistic TRC-214

Created by Radio Shack, the Realistic TRC-214 was a big hit during the 80s when Stranger Things is set. Durable, reliable, and, more importantly, a heck of a lot of fun, these devices were seen as top-tier tech in their day.

Equipped with a telescopic antenna, an emergency button, and three channels to pick from, it was the perfect tool for the youngsters of the 80s to embark on their daily adventures.

More Than Just a Prop: Walkie Talkies in Stranger Things

The walkie talkies in Stranger Things aren’t just props to add to the 80s ambiance; they’re integral to the storyline.

The kids use these devices to keep in touch, plan their escapades, and even make contact with the Upside Down.

In a world without cellphones and social media, walkie talkies were the lifeline, the connection between friends. And in Stranger Things, they keep this theme alive, reminding us of the value of direct, instant communication.

The Hunt for the Realistic TRC-214: Can You Buy One Today?

While the Realistic TRC-214’s appearance in Stranger Things has prompted many fans to search for their own, these vintage devices are not readily available for sale today. Some lucky (or persistent) fans might be able to find a used model online, or perhaps stumble upon one in a garage sale.

But don’t be disheartened! There are plenty of modern walkie talkies available today that are durable, have extended range, and even come with features the kids in Stranger Things could only dream of, like GPS functionality and weather alerts.

Rekindling the Love for Walkie Talkies

One fantastic outcome of the walkie talkie usage in Stranger Things is the rekindled interest in these devices among the younger generation.

No longer seen as relics of the past, walkie talkies are now seen as cool, fun devices that encourage outdoor play, adventure, and direct communication.

Whether they’re used for camping trips, backyard adventures, or just chatting with the friend down the street, walkie talkies are experiencing a resurgence, and we have Stranger Things (and the Realistic TRC-214) to thank for it.

Final Thoughts

The Realistic TRC-214, the walkie talkie of choice for the Stranger Things gang, is more than just a show prop. It’s a symbol of an era, a tool for adventure, and a lifeline to friends. While you may not be able to get your hands on the exact model today, there are many other walkie talkies out there that can offer you a piece of the action.

So why not give it a try? Pick up a walkie talkie, call out “over and out,” and who knows what adventures you might find yourself in.

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